• Waseem Javed

Trained in Agriculture design and equipment, water engineering, Waseem is a professional Agricultural Engineer who spent two years designing Agricultural irrigation system using solar energy and last year in Dubai working on local landscape design and installation projects.
Areas of expertise:
Landscape design, Irrigation and piping, Water Engineering, Agricultural equipment and machinery, solar energy, civil construction, project management.

  • Muhammad Idrees

Highly qualified and experienced Agricultural Engineer having a Master’s degree in Plant sciences. Trained in horticulture with a very good know-how of native plants suitable for the UAE environment. Idrees has been involved in setting up organic kitchen and backyard gardens at schools, private villas and hotel premises.

Areas of expertise:
Horticulture, Organic farming, Plants.

  • Waqqas Naeem

Qualified Architect with flare for design of unique outdoor spaces and structures. Waqqas has been involved in designing various residential villas with focus on landscaping and outdoor design. He holds a degree in Architecture and also has experience with construction material and textures.

Areas of expertise:
Architecture, Landscape Design, Construction, AutoCAD/Free-hand drawings